Monday, September 15, 2014

So many ways to add a pop of color!

One of my favorite color schemes: monochromatic or mostly neutral with one strong pop of color! There are so many ways to pull this off...

With a cardigan. (Take 1)

With a cardigan. (Take 2)

With a cardigan. (Take 3) LOVE this color combo for Fall!

Cardigan. (Take 4. Yes, I have a problem. Almost finished with cardies, I swear!)

Cardigan, Take 5.

Okay, on to jewelry...

Another one of my favorite things: SCARVES!

You'll notice, I'm not keeping count on scarves...

...because my cardigan problem is NOTHING compared to my scarf problem!

But scarves are just so flippin' brilliant at making an outfit!

Another accessory option: a bright purse...

I had a yellow purse last year; it's surprising how well it went with pretty much everything. 

If I let myself have more than one purse at a time, I'd probably have a purse problem, too!

Sorry; one last...

Cardigan! One of my fave color combos: dark blue, light blue, and red.

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