Friday, October 3, 2014

15 Ways to Wear a Plaid Scarf

So, in addition to the military vest, another big thing this Fall is the plaid scarf. So many ways to wear it...

A large square scarf in classic colors over classic neutral sweater and pants.

Or choose a scarf in a brighter, hopped-up version of classic colors. Pick some of the darker colors in the plaid -- burgundy and dark blue, here -- to create a background for the scarf to pop off of.

Super bundled up for the cold in a rectangular tartan scarf. (Notice the matching glove.)

Mmm... I like this plum (eggplant? claret?) over a camel poncho.

In unexpected colors. Keep it classy by going simple with everything else in the ensemble.

I like the color combo here! Whether you call it plum, eggplant, claret, amethyst, wine, claret, or aubergine, this is a hot color right now.

This is a cute outfit (even though I'm too old to wear it):

Yes, plaid can successfully mix with stripes; everything else needs to be simple and understated.

More stripes and plaid. In both cases, they work because the scale of the pattern is different.

I'm permanently in love with the combo of red and camel.

Love this combo, too.

Black and brown is another classic combo, though not one you see often in plaid. But it makes for a timeless piece.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum: nothing traditional about these colors, but I think this scarf would look great set off against a monochromatic outfit in any one of these classic colors: navy, gray, burgundy, oatmeal, or winter white.

An unexpected combo: tartan plaid with a caramel-colored leather jacket.

Another unexpected pairing. And you know what this oversized, rolled-cuff, boyfriend jacket showing up in fashion feeds means, don't you?

Yep, it's official: The 80's are BACK!

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