Monday, September 15, 2014

15 Ways to Wear a Military/Utility Vest

I am SO happy that vests are back in fashion! At least, military vests/utility vests are. And they're a no-brainer way to turn jeans-and-tee into an outfit.

They also divide you vertically, which is slimming.

They can even turn horizontal stripes -- usually a no-no for us vertically-challenged types -- into a "yes-I-can", by creating a strong vertical line that outweighs the horizontal ones.

More ways to wear a vest...

Over a dress (but a little less leg, maybe).

Over a sweater. Rhinestones optional.

With an oversize gingham -- aka, buffalo check -- shirt, and a smile.
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Neutral shirt, green vest, blue pants, scarf that ties them together.

Over a chambray shirt, standing in a field.

They can even go a little boho...

Mustard is not my color, but I love the idea of a bright scarf...

I love olive and red!

Finer accessories can dress it up a little.

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