Tuesday, September 16, 2014

15 Ways to Wear a Moto Jacket

Sometimes called "moto jacket" (short for motorcycle, I assume), a short black or near-black leather jacket with wide, floppy lapels, is a hot fashion item right now. And I think it's an item that can be worn at any age, if you do it right.

For example, this jacket is actually merlot (or aubergine, or eggplant), and I think it works great with her skin and hair. I don't know if it's true for everyone, but I'm finding that as I get older, pure black can sometimes be too harsh.

I also love these creative pairings that soften the tough-chick look of a black leather or leather-like jacket....

With a full skirt and classic flats or heels, everything else in soft gray tones.

A lacy top and, again, a softer colored jacket.

With an otherwise decidedly feminine outfit, especially with a strong-but-soft color.
Black leather jacket, midi skirt & tan boots 
 With a dress in a pretty print.

(14 bracelets and sunglasses the size of salad plates optional.)

With white, gray, and soft tan accessories.

With a bright scarf. (But really, what doesn't look better with a bright scarf?)

Paired with classic accessories in warm, caramel tones.

With gray or dark brown (not black) leggings, and softened with a large-scale scarf.

 Again, with the big scarf...

Toned down with the proper shoes. 'Cause how tough can you be, wearing chucks?

For a night out, with a chiffon-y skirt and heels.

My favorite, I think: layered over chambray.

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